Is your Showbox app on your Android not loading anymore? If you have been using the app for more than a month and this happened, you probably need to update Showbox right away.

Well, typically, when you open the app, a notification for an update should greet you first. If there is an available update, it should automatically ask you to do an update from its server. So you will only need to tap on the “Update” button, and it will redirect you to a website to download the app.

But sometimes this bug happens. Usually, a typical app downloaded from the Play Store would send a notification to your phone that an update is ready for download. But we all know that Showbox app is not from the Google Play Store. Therefore, if the normal update from the app itself will not work, then we will need to find a way to get an update soon.

Otherwise, the app will eventually not function. And it will not connect to any server that provides us the movies and other videos inside the app’s library. So in this article, we have prepared you some guides to help you update Showbox app.

How to Update Showbox

There are a couple of ways to update Showbox. These methods are easy to do so you do not have to worry about going Advanced User on your app. Just follow these step-by-step guides, and you should have a new and updated version installed on your device in no time.

Method 1: Clear Data

Step 1. On your Android smartphone, go to the main Settings app.

Step 2. Go to the App Manager or App List, whichever your phone shows that has all the list of the apps installed on your phone.

Step 3. Now scroll down and find the Showbox app.

Step 4. When you see it, tap on it to show the details about the app.

Step 5. On the left side, tap on the “Force Stop” button to stop the app from running in the background.

Step 6. On the right side of the screen, you should find the “Clear data” button. Tap on it to clear all the data that was saved on your phone through the Showbox app.

Step 7. Now go back to the main desktop of your phone and relaunch the Showbox app. This time, the “Update” button should appear again.

Step 8. That’s it. You can update the app and enjoy watching the latest videos again as much as you want.

Method 2: Download an Updated Version

#1. If the “Clear data” does not give you the update that you need, it is time to go browse the internet and find a new and updated version of the app.

#2. Open your device’s web browser and find a third-party site to get the latest Showbox APK.

#3. Download the APK file.

#4. Once the download finishes, go to the download folder and find the APK file.

#5. Tap on the “Home” button to minimize the folder and find the current installed Showbox version.

#6. Long press on that icon and wait until the “Uninstall” button appears on top or in some devices it appears as an “X” next to the icon.

#7. Tap on it to remove the old Showbox version.

#8. When the old Showbox app finishes uninstalling, tap on the “Recent” button next to your device “Home” button.

#9. The folder that you minimized earlier should be there, tap on it to maximize it back on your screen.

#10. Now tap on the new Showbox APK to start the installation.

#11. Wait for a few seconds until the installation finishes.

#12. Once done, tap on the “Open” button to launch the new Showbox app. That’s it. You can enjoy all your favorite online movies again.

In Conclusion

While the Showbox app is great and all, it has some downsides. The update only usually comes once a month, and there is no official support page. This should make addressing some issues and bugs a lot easier.

But then again, the app is free and all. It is really hard to complain when the app is provided to us free with a vast and massive content to keep us entertained.

In your experience, what is the usual issue that you encounter using the Showbox app? Tell us in the comment section below. We would love to know more about other people’s problem with the app, and maybe we can address this all to the Showbox app developers.

Also, if you have questions about today’s article, feel free to leave a message or two in the comment section. We will try to get back to you as soon as we can. And do not forget to share this article with your other friends that experience similar issues with the update.

How To Update Showbox

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